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Elevate Your Well-being: Journey into Energy Healing and Alternative Health – Unlocking Self-Help Secrets for a Balanced Life with Shakeenah.

As a Stress Reduction Specialist, I offer a variety of alternative healing services and products to help individuals achieve an overall state of well-being. Services include energy healing, meditation guidance, and hypnotherapy. Our blog articles cover wellness in major areas of significance; mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental and financial. The aim is to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Along with Sound-Based Healing Journeys, energy healing via dowsing, chakras and aura clearing, hypnotherapy, intuitive guidance, vegan and plant-based lifestyle consulting, creating art via jewelry, clothing and accessories, in my spare time I serve as a Voice Over Artist and I love writing articles! 

This "About Page" is for site visitors curious about my personal beginnings and approach to being a Holistic Healing Helper. Keep reading to learn more.

Also, when you visit my Blog Posts, you will find various articles that are dedicated to Self-Help. I am also a part of a larger network of professionals who freely share helpful articles for your personal benefit. One such network is

For more information on Self-Help visit, as it is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Thank You.

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My Story


How We Can Help

My name is Shakeenah; I Am a Survivor, as well as Holistic Healing Helper, and Stress Relief Specialist. My life experiences have prepared me in several ways to help others, usually in quiet, humbling but powerful ways...stepping out of the way - that I may be a conduit... And THAT, my friend, is good. You will find this page alternating between the expressions of "I" and "We" because as a conduit, it is my job to also remind you that the healing does not come from me - it comes through me from THE MOST HIGH, THE INVISIBLE HELPER that all of us have access to when calling upon the Divine healing that is available to us.

Since the 1990's, I’ve been helping others to find alternative paths to healing via holistic modalities- which started with “Better Health Naturally” typed reports. I was still a member of a monastic type, renunciate, intentional community at that time, using an awesome word processor with a floppy disc to get each unique report to the person seeking aid! I currently assist my clients to find their optimal wellness through direct consultations and by developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices. It is understood that your goal is to select a compatible service, to help relieve you of pain; mentally, emotionally and/or physically, and the various therapies offered here will do just that.

As a certified Holistic Healing Helper (energy healing therapist), I have training as a Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, and Meditation Instructor, therefore you will find various services offered toward stress relief; that aim to help you create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self - while doing NO HARM, as we often find with the harmful side effects found in conventional methods of treatment. The goal is to assist those seeking help, in the way that will most meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs.


The tools used include botanical suggestions, consultations, emotional freedom methods, energy healing (much like Reiki), "Chakras/Aura" treatments, hypnotherapy sessions, and my signature sessions called “Shakeenah's B.E.S.T.” which are generally an in-person session that will leave the entire you feeling soothed and relaxed, allowing you another opportunity to release, let go and let healing in. 


We also utilize Healing Sound Baths - which are call "SONIC JOURNEYS", to help heal the human body from the energetic plane outwards, into the physical plane. These tools used for manifesting relief can be an excellent choice as complementary therapies for someone under allopathic treatment, and for doctors looking to incorporate integrative therapies into their medical practice. There are a increasing number of people seeking a supportive and complimentary solution to their health issue, in an effort to heal themselves, and ultimately do no more harm to their bodies.

Whether you are dealing with a health issue, or simply wanting a unique relaxation experience, it’s time to start nurturing your body, mind and soul, and to feel better than before. Select your service from the home page. Then send me a message so that we can discuss your needs further. (I will need to approve all scheduling in advance.) Also, be sure to subscribe so that you will be notified of new articles on the blog page.


Thank You for your support as Alternative Healing Solutions supports you on your healing journey!


I'm always interested in learning more about new and outstanding opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, projects, etc. Let's connect.

Shakeenah K Fentis WHH, MH, QHT, CERT 


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