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Tools to enhance your Spiritual Self are vast and diverse. Meditation is one of them and is a personal practice that is NOT based on any one religion, as it has been practiced by all people, in all parts of the world - it is an enlightened state-of-mind... lightening the mind and heart of burdens, even if temporarily - it relieves us of stress; giving the body time to heal and perform better mentally. Meditation can be experienced in so many different ways, so why limit yourself to thinking and saying "I can't do meditation BECAUSE (I can't sit still like that) or xyz..." . There are a wide variety of benefits from practicing this art, so if you are the least bit interested, consider learning what meditation has in store for you through me revealing WHICH option(s) suit you best PERSONALLY. As an example: In todays' busy world, for most of us, it is a good idea to incorporate a type of meditation that takes care of more than sitting still and quieting the mind. And especially If you are one of those people that believe you are unable to quiet your mind, you may be right related to doing it in a short period of time! It often takes years of practice to master this art, however, what if you were to learn about a particular type of meditation that uses that busy brain of yours to your benefit - during your meditation time?! Or what if you learned how to use your daily walking intentionally as a time of meditation? Through my intuitive A.R.R.T an investigative research technique, I will un-cover precise form(s) of meditation that fits your personality, life style, and serves you the most - even if you are one that can not sit for long periods of time! You will also receive guidance as to how to best execute the meditation, for your highest good. This service is executed remotely, in person, or online, and may include one or more domestic phone call(s). Contact Shakeenah for more information & pricing. Email: Text 479-283-9964

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Northwest, AR, USA

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