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30 Plus Years of

Alternative Healing

When Better Health Naturally Is For You


Allow Yourself To Be Helped Via Holistic &
That Assist Your Body, Mind & Soul To BE RELIEVED OF STRESS, Enabling You to OPEN UP TO The Possibility of PROFOUND RELIEF.

Are You Ready For a Change?

We Are Here For You


As a Survivor, being in a position to assist other women to feel better, be better and do better for themselves is something I am grateful for. As a Stress Relief Specialist, I am certified as a Holistic Healing Helper (energy healing therapist), Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, and Meditation Instructor. Various services are offered that are directed toward stress relief and aim to help you create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self - while doing NO HARM. Our goal is to assist those seeking help; man, woman or child, in the way that will most meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs.

The tools utilized include emotional clearing methods, energy healing under "Chakras/Aura" treatments, botanical advice, plant-based diet consultations, guided suggestion therapy,  and Shakeenah’s signature sessions called "SHAKEENAH’S B.E.S.T." with B.E.S.T standing for Bio-Energy Stressless Technique, which is a stress relief session that will leave you feeling soothed and relaxed on all levels, allowing you another opportunity to release, let go and let healing in. One of our favorite offerings is called "SONIC JOURNEYS"; which are TRANSFORMATIONAL SOUND SESSIONS; a fun and soothing way to help heal the human body from the energetic body into the physical plane and is an excellent choice for complementary &/or integrative therapies using the gift of music and sound frequencies. Be sure to try these out for yourself and feel the relief you deserve. You can text to 479.283.9964 to find out more and schedule your own sessions for any of the services.

One more thing... I love the benefits that AI has brought to our world, while simultaneously I find myself wanting to remember and embrace the benefits of using our own intelligence as much as we can, as well. So, this website has all of its informational descriptions created by RHI (Real Human Intelligence), not AI (Artificial Intelligence) and I so enjoy writing from my own experience whenever I have the opportunity to do so.  Oh, one more thing; when you see the "We" being expressed, it's because I acknowledge and want you to also recognize that healing does not come from me as an individual... healing comes THROUGH me with the help of unseen elements, including your own higher self!

Thanks for visiting and actually reading my expressed thoughts ;)


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