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A "Bio-Energy Relieving Stress Technique" Designed for the Busy You!

  • 45 min
  • TBD - solo or 2+
  • TBD; In-Person

Service Description

Short Description: Shakeenah's "B.E.S.T." is an acronym for "Bio-Energy Relieving Stress Technique". This 45 minutes session is designed to bring you relief, give you a BURST of energy and feeling of renewal usually within 20-30 minutes. Long Description/Extra Details: By removing stress from your body and mind, you automatically open the flood gates to wellness in all areas of your body. Having a session once or twice a month will help to keep you on track for maintaining good health. This method is predominantly a hands-off method, however, it may start off with hands on your scalp, or hand reflexology, depending on each unique circumstances. How it's done: By invoking a beacon of Divine healing light through me and into your body's muscles, cells and other areas - that YOUR body knows the energy needs to go. (I hear some of you saying "Wooa! Wait a minute! Say What?!!") And if you are that person, I want you to know this is nothing new and it is nothing negative about opening up to the Light! And don't you think the Creator of All that is, wants us to call upon its Divine Light and Healing Energy of Love to assist one another? I Do! This is not about me "healing you" and more about YOU getting relaxed enough (physically and mentally) to open up to the healing energies I am calling in, to help your body to take that energy and use it intuitively to HELP PREVENT illness or help HEAL YOURSELF. Whether you are someone who seldom takes care of YOU because you are so busy tending to others, or you are intuitively guided to give this a try for unknown reasons - then this session is for you! Email: or Must Call To Schedule: 479-283-9964 Schedule Your Appointment Today.

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Northwest, AR, USA

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